The Great War Series (Part III)
Defeating ISIS & Restoring The Middle East
The Bright Continent
Illuminating The Challenges, Opportunities & Promises Of A Rising Africa
No Silver Bullet
Contending With The Complexity Of The Gun Violence Debate In The United Sates


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The #BlackLivesMatter movement, triggered and intensified by the deaths of unarmed blacks at the hands of police, has, as might be expected in a racially fraught country, attracted a mixed response. This paper explores some of the cases that triggered the movement, the historical, social, legal, and ideological background to the events that triggered those responses, the responses themselves, and argues that there is a strong moral case for revisioning both policing and the social world that supports it. It concludes with some practical suggestions for moving forward from where we currently find ourselves.

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“How many newsworthy issues, which should have been the rightful domain of philosophy, have been usurped in recent years by religion, law, and psychology?”

Lee McIntyre

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